South African Unit Study

This interactive, hands on South African unit study is based on the story Fly, Eagle, Fly! An African Tale by Christopher Gregorowski. Proceeds will be used to care for South African orphans with HIV and AIDS.

Fly, Eagle, Fly!
Literature-based Lessons

Fly, Eagle, Fly! Click to buy from Kalahari.netThis inspiring story is regarded as a classic in South African children’s literature.

A farmer finds an eaglet and takes it home to his children and raises it among the chickens. A visiting friend sets out to prove to the farmer that the grown eagle has not forgotten its identity, but can fly as all eagles do. To his dismay, all attempts to get the eagle to fly are in vain, until one morning at dawn…

The story is simple, but the meaning profound. It’s message is one to be pondered by young and old alike, but especially by children, like so many in Africa, who live in less than ideal circumstances…We are all created with potential to soar like eagles…and not just live our lives, scratching in the dirt, like chickens.

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Parts of this interactive South African unit study were originally and are still included in the

Little Footprints South African Homeschool Curriculum

Little Footprints South African Homeschool Curriculum.

Little Footprints is an exploration of contemporary South African by means of top quality children’s picture books. It is built on the ideas of Charlotte Mason, using ‘living books’ and incorporating Narration, Dictation, Copywork, Nature Study as well as hands on activities into a multi-faceted unit study.

South African Unit Study

This South African unit study is best suited for children between the ages of 4-8 years. It is ideal for families who enjoying notebooking or lapbooking activities.

Included in this 27 page Fly, Eagle Fly! ebook are:

  • narration notebooking pages,
  • copywork pages
  • Bible Memory verse copywork pages
  • lessons about light and colour,
  • a colour wheel to make
  • lessons about birds, flight and birds of prey,
  • a lifecycle wheel to make,
  • various mini-books about the sun and solar system, planets, birds, the Xhosa people
  • outline map of South Africa
  • directions for a 3D model hut
  • opposites matching card game and more.

Some sample pages that were made by our children are shown below.

South African Unit StudySouth African Unit Study


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Use them to include older children in this unit study, to give older students a break from their usual Language Arts programme or as a bridging programme while you are between programmes.

They include a variety of language arts activities, such as grammar, creative writing, crosswords, writing poetry, copywork, word searches, writing a point form summary, vocabulary and more.


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