Little Footprints

South Africa in Stories

Child Literature Lesson Plans for ages 4-8 years


Little Footprints South African homeschool curriculum consists of literature-based lesson plans that are designed to take you and your little ones on an armchair journey around South Africa, exploring the fascinating people, animals and places that make up our beautiful land.

Its as easy as reading a story together and then exploring the themes and topics of interest from that story, with discussion activities, crafts and more to enjoy.

LF-new-booksThe settings of the stories range from rural to city, seashore to desert and they were chosen to depict the diverse population of our Rainbow Nation and the variation in our country’s landscape, flora and fauna.

Most of the selected South African children’s stories, with a few exceptions, have been written by local authors.

The lesson plans in Little Footprints are intended to enrich your family’s reading of the story books. We hope that reading them will bring you and your children together in a time of intimacy and sharing, as you introduce them to the world of books and enhance their awareness of their country around them.

Children are made readers in the laps of their parents (Emily Buchwald)

Listening to stories will also develop your children’s imaginations and will help them to appreciate basic moral values.

Little Footprints is aimed primarily at children between the ages of four and eight, but younger and older siblings are sure to enjoy the stories and joining in with the activities too. The lessons are easily adaptable for older children.

The lesson topics vary from story to story, according to the subject-matter of each book. Not every book will include all of these subjects, however, they are divided into the following categories:


    • Bible – lessons and memory verses
  • Copywork – handwriting exercises
  • Social Studies
  • Geography
  • Science & Nature
  • Language
  • Maths
  • Readiness Skills
  • Life-skills
  • Art
  • Crafts
  • Cooking

Click here to download a Little Footprints-Overview which lists the topics included in the lessons in the Little Footprints manual.


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The Enrichment Guide contains all the lesson plans, scheduling tips, reviews of additional books, appendices with maps and diagrams plus four chapters with other general information about early childhood education.

Each book is summarized at the beginning of the lessons, and additional resources to complement it are listed.

All you will need to add to these story-based lesson plans is an age-appropriate maths and phonics program, if your children are ready for that.

A language arts program following the ideas of the 18th century educator, Charlotte Mason is also included for your convenience.


These child literature lesson plans are created for carefully selected, high quality children’s literature that will ignite your children’s thought environment and enrich them in knowledge and character.


There are 26 story book studies, one per week for virtually a whole school year, plus two poetry books and a reference book. Some of the stories are to be studied over two weeks.

LF-new-books2In this third edition (2016), nine newly published South African story books have replaced some of the out of print books. However, since the out of print titles are still available in libraries, we have included them as optional Bonus Lessons at the end of the Guide, giving you 14 additional lesson plans to enjoy.

We supply the Enrichment Guide, a large South African map outline and about 20 of the essential books – the remaining books are available from local or online bookstores and the library.

However, should you prefer NOT to buy the books, most of them are also available through the library system. This makes Little Footprints an affordable South African homeschool curriculum choice.

Most of the stories have also been published in Afrikaans, although in some cases the Afrikaans version is out of print and therefore only available through the library system.

Sample child literature lesson plans – At the Crossroads

At the Crossroads - Click image for sample lesson


map-picAt the back of the Little Footprints Enrichment Guide there are picture discs, one for each story, which you may photocopy for your own children’s use. On completion of each story, the appropriate disc should be placed on the South African map, which is included with the curriculum. In this way your children will develop a good sense of the geographical setting of each story and have a visual reminder of what they have learnt.

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 kids george

Little Footprints

What a delightful curriculum! The quality of the reading books in this program is outstanding in every way. All the books are all rich in language, beautifully illustrated and communicate profoundly to our children through their insightful, touching messages.

As our family journeys through the reading and the recommended activities, I am constantly reminded of Marilyn Howshall’s exhortation, to ‘create a lifestyle of learning’ by remembering that ‘we are educating our children’s hearts first and then their minds.’

The Little Footprints program gets to the heart in a wonderful way, both through the reading material, and through the carefully thought-out activities which creatively introduce our children to the fascinating world in which we live. It is a curriculum which is rich with ideas, but at the same time acts as a catylist for the mother, inspiring further investigation and sparking fresh ideas.

Highly recommended!

Shirley Royal, Durban

Baie dankie vir jou en Wendy vir die Little Footprints Kurrikulum. Ons geniet dit baie. Dis seker nou al 2-jaar wat ons Little Footprints doen, ja, ons doen dit maar stadig en rustig.

Net vir die wat wonder of mens kan Little Footprints in Afrikaans, ja en weer ‘n keer JA!

Daar is so baie dinge om te ontdek en te doen, so baie mooi boeke om te lees. Al is die program in Engels was dit nog nooit ‘n probleem vir ons nie. Die meeste boekies is in Afrikaans beskikbaar en die wat net in Engels te kry is vertaal ek maar soos ek lees…(Lees verder)


Merinda Nagel (Boston, Bellville)

Mamma van Herdo 9, Marco 6 en Isabella 10 maande


There are three options for ordering the child literature lesson plans in the Little Footprints South African homeschool curriculum. Choose which option best suits your pocket.

Please note that the order form containing the booklist will be supplied to you on receipt of a non-refundable deposit. Prices exclude postage and packaging. After you have submitted the form below, details of how to go about ordering will be emailed to you.

Option 1: Enrichment Guide and map – R850 (+R200 postage)

Option 2: Enrichment Guide, map + 19 of the essential books – R2 700 (+ R250 postage)

Option 3: Enrichment Guide + any combination – variable

Please note that prices are subject to change without notice, due to changes in availability of some books. Please confirm when you order.


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