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A GED Homeschool Matric equivalent is a popular alternative to getting a matric online. It is a grade 12 equivalent recognised in SA, accepted by universities

A GED Homeschool Matric equivalent plus a letter of admission OR a set SAT score is an option for homeschoolers or adults who didn’t finish high school to get a recognized matric equivalent with university exemption. 

It is MUCH cheaper, faster and easier to obtain than some of the other matric options available in South Africa. It is also an ideal quick-fix for adults needing a matric certificate.

The GED® test series, which is currently used internationally, including SA, is a series of four subject tests, which is considered an equivalent to be an American High School Equivalency Credential.

Online GED classes for a GED Homeschool matric alternative

Note:  From May 2017, the new GED, the 2014 GED Test series will be implemented in South Africa. This test battery consists of only 4 tests as the two English papers will be combined into one test. 

It is important to make sure that you get the relevant study guides or online GED® tuition for the version of the test that you will be taking.

The GED is accepted at many tertiary institutions around the world. In South Africa it is recognized by Universities of South Africa (formerly known as HESA – Higher Education South Africa) as a foreign matric equivalent.

The GED® alone is usually adequate for candidates wanting to study at colleges – but always check first.

Those wishing to apply to study at university need a foreign conditional matric with university exemption.

For this,  in South Africa the GED® is required in combination with either

  1. a letter of acceptance to an accredited American university or
  2. a prescribed score on the SAT test

The condition is that the student must pass his/her first year at university.

PLEASE NOTE: You MUST check with the universities of your choice that they will accept these foreign qualifications before embarking on this route of qualification. Despite the fact that Universities South Africa will grant a matric certificate, some universities are reluctant to accept students with the GED® + foreign exemption. This could amount to unfair discrimination and you may have to put up a fight to be accepted!

In response to an email enquiry about the GED + SAT, Rhodes University stated: “Rhodes University will accept applications as set you below.  We have had many home schoolers apply and have been accepted as long as they meet the HESA requirements.”

To date there are written replies from the following universities indicating that they will consider candidates with a GED+SAT:

North-West University
Stellenbosch University
University of the Free State
University of Venda for Science and Technology
Mangosuthu University of Technology
University of Pretoria

There is also a growing list of other tertiary institutions that have accepted candidates with a GED® credential plus foreign conditional exemption.

The new 2014 GED® test has four subjects.

  • Science
  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • Social Studies
  • Reasoning Through Language Arts



2. BOOK TESTS – you have to book and pay online

3. WRITE TESTS – tests are written on computer at a test centre on the date of your choice


When you receive your letter of admission, you do the last step:


For all the details of how to go about preparing for, writing your GED and applying for the necessary transcript and South African equivalent, you need to go to our sister site,


What is the SAT?

The SAT is a globally recognized college admission test that enables students to show colleges what they know as well as how well they can apply that knowledge.

The SAT consists of three major sections:

  • Critical Reading
  • Mathematics
  • Writing

Each section receives a score on the scale of 200–800.

[In the USA there are also SAT Subject Tests which can be written for individual subjects. These are not required for South African matric purposes.]

Most students in the USA take the SAT during their grade 11 year and again during their grade 12 year of high school, to improve their scores and almost all colleges and universities in the USA use the SAT to make admission decisions.

The SAT is offered on average six times a year outside of the United States.

In South Africa it can be written at various centres, but not all the testing centres offer it on all dates:

The international test and registrations fees are $54.50 + $35 international processing fee, a total of $89.50.

To learn about costs, how to book, test dates and procedures in one hour, view the GED + SAT Webinar or you can spend hours sifting through the info online yourself. SAVE  YOURSELF TIME and get the practical tips about how to go about it in South Africa in the webinar.



(Estimated on 6 June 2016   $1=R15) [Please note – prices and exchange rates fluctuate!]

As stated in the paragraphs above, there are cheaper tuition options and combined test fees are less, but for cost purposes the most expensive option has been used below.

1. GED + letter of Admission to an accredited USA university

R2 300 — GED online tuition

US$250 — GED test fees (+R3 750)

US$15 – Paper copy of GED Transcript (+ R225)

TOTAL R6 275

US$50 — Application to a USA university online (+R750)

R1000 — Application for a matric equivalency certificate from SAQA (optional)

R450 – Application for foreign conditional matric with university exemption from Universities South Africa

TIME TO COMPLETE – 6 weeks to prepare for tests plus a few weeks for administrative processes

2. GED + SAT

R2 300 — GED online tuition

US$250 — GED test fees (+R3 750)

FREE — SAT online tuition

US$89.50 — SAT test fees (+R1 342)

R450 — Application for a matric exemption certificate from HESA

Estimated total cost: R7 842

TIME TO COMPLETE – About 6-9 months depending on the intensity of study by the student.



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