Tips for Starting Homeschooling

Tips for Starting HomeschoolingThis e-course entitled Tips for Starting Homeschooling, is designed to give you a clearer understanding about homeschooling, what it entails, how to get organized, understand how the different homeschooling curriculum fit in as well as methods and philosophies. We will also look at the unique needs for a homeschooling mom as she journeys with her children.

Tips for Starting Homeschooling is written to parents who want to take their children out of school and bring them home but it will also benefit anyone in the following situations:


  • Parents wanting to change homeschool curriculum
  • Parents who want to investigate homeschooling before their children reach school going age
  • Parents who have been homeschooling for a while and are finding themselves directionless or burnt out
  • Educators who would like a fuller understanding of how homeschooling in South African works

The course is intended to help you to find the answers you need,  to overcome doubts and fears and to help you to feel confident about what you need to do. It also included lists of quality websites and books to help you dig deeper into each section of this course. As parents we need to re-educate ourselves about what education at home entails.

Thank  you for joining us on this exciting adventure of homeschooling in South Africa and please remember to contact us at the end of this course, to let us know if we have met your needs or anyway we can improve our Tips for Starting Homeschooling series for future visitors. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Your hosts,
Wendy & Shirley

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1. Reasons to Homeschool – Bringing the children home
2. Deschooling – Your first 6 weeks to three months
3. Parenting and spending quality time together
4. Learning styles, philosophies and methods in the homeschooling movement
5. Choosing a Homeschool Curriculum – essential tips to avoid costly mistakes
6. Organization 101
7. Preventing Burnout

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