High School Science

Find recommended high school Science programmes to help your children master this subject at home!

For students taking the Cambridge IGCSE Science course, or children using any other science course who would enjoy being taught by a tutor and the visual learning experience of watching a Science lesson on DVD, we recommend the IGCSE video tutorials:

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The Apologia high school science programs below will open learners’ eyes to God’s awesome creative powers evident in the world around them.

We recommend these programs to go along with the Footprints into the 21st Century program for 12 – 16 year olds.



high school science curriculum

Exploring Creation with General Science, 2 Volumes
By Dr. Jay Wile / Apologia Educational Ministry

“Amazing,” “a blessing,” and “totally cool” are only a few ways parents and students describe this introductory science curriculum.

Combining a creationist viewpoint with clear explanations and fun experiments, Dr. Wile presents 16 modules covering simple machines, paleontology, biology, human anatomy, and other topics. All labs use household items. The course is backed by an internet support system! Includes a 107-page test/solutions book. 434 pages, hardcover.

Apologia physical science - high school scienceExploring Creation with Physical Science, 2 Volumes
By Dr. Jay Wile / Apologia Educational Ministry

Looking for a homeschool science curriculum that can be easily understood? Here it is!

Designed as a precursor to high school biology, this course discusses topics like the atmosphere, weather, Earth’s structure, the physics of motion, and the environmentalist movement. Grades 7 to 9.

Hardcover student book features questions and answers, lab exercises using household items, and study guides. Includes a 113-page softcover test/solutions book. 445 pages, hardcover.

Apologia Physics - high school science programExploring Creation with Physics (2nd Edition), 2 Volumes
By Dr. Jay L. Wile / Apologia Educational Ministry

A curriculum in motion tends to stay in motion – and Dr. Wile’s award-winning physics course just keeps getting better! Offering outstanding college-prep instruction, it now features color illustrations, 50% more experiments, expanded discussions of light and optics, extra practice problems, and direction to online resources.

This course covers vector analysis, Newton’s laws, work and energy, waves, magnetism, electrodynamics, and more! Trigonometry and chemistry are recommended prerequisites. Includes a 334-page softcover test/solutions book. Approx. 575 pages, hardcover.

Apologia BiologyExploring Creation with Biology (2nd Edition), 2 volumes
By Dr. Jay L. Wile & Martha Durnell / Apologia Educational Ministry

Designed as the first high school-level science study a homeschooler takes, this new edition of Dr. Wile’s biology curriculum includes more color illustrations, clarified explanations, easier experiments and a website with links to extra helps.

Sixteen modules cover cell life, genetics, creation science as an alternative to evolution, ecology, insects, plants, reptiles, mammals, and more. Includes a 200-page test/solutions book. 594 pages, hardcover.

Apologia ChemistryExploring Creation with Chemistry (2nd Edition), 2 volumes
By Dr. Jay L. Wile / Apologia Educational Ministry

The award-winning chemistry course that took the homeschool community by storm is now even better! Featuring Dr. Wile’s easy-to-understand explanations, revised for extra clarity,this Christ-centered modular course offers a rigorous foundation in high-school/college-prep chemistry.

The colorful, user-friendly text is designed specifically for home learners and employs experiments using only readily available chemicals and equipment. Completion of Algebra 1 is a prerequisite. Includes a 272-page test/solutions book. 603 pages, hardcover.

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