Cambridge Matric Success

A story of Cambridge Matric Success submitted by Melinda van der Merwe.

Five years ago, we made the tough decision regarding which curriculum we would use for our 3 daughters to complete their matric.

It was tough knowing that due to the high standard that Cambridge is known for, that their studies would not always be recognised as such, but because of the flexibility that Cambridge offers, the international recognition and the content, we decided to go ahead.


Angelique van der Merwe – a Cambridge success story

Having chosen to do CIE (Cambridge International Examinations) without a service provider, it took sheer hard work, daily discipline and plenty of determination for Angelique to get through her work!
Angelique obtained excellent marks in the final IGCSE exams – 90%, 89%, 89%, 78% and 76%.

She has been the first to matriculate of the 3 girls, which she did in May 2013 with great marks for her AS levels too – A for Afrikaans, B for English, C for Chemistry, D for both Maths and for Physics.

Bianca is now almost done with her IGCSE’s obtaining an A for Afrikaans, B for English, Biology and for Physics. She is due to complete her IGCSE’s in May 2014 before starting her AS levels.

We are grateful for these years of studies and proud of them both. Having never been in a public school, both Angelique and Bianca have shown that it can be done.

If anyone would like to find out more about Cambridge you can go to or contact Melinda for more information on our ”solo” Cambridge journey.

Click here for more useful information about how to go about pursuing a Cambridge Homeschool Matric in South Africa.

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