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Reaching Higher is a free homeschool ezine to encourage and equip homeschoolers as you seek the best for your families.

Reaching Higher - Free Homeschool Ezine

We know that homeschoolers feel a little ‘different’ to other families, especially here in Africa where we are still a rare, but rapidly multiplying breed!

Even in other countries, we, homeschoolers, stick out a bit from the other ‘herds’ as we strive for different outcomes for our little flock, than the rest.

Most of us are Christians and so we are reaching higher as we seek the Lord’s instructions for building strong families and developing godly character in each individual’s life. Even if you don’t share our faith, you will surely benefit from good principles for shaping young lives!

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March 2016 – A Charlotte Mason Education for 21st Century Children

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October 2015 – Choosing the Best Curriculum

September 2015 – How to Handle Bias

August 2015 – Am I Doing Enough? Homeschool Worries

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May 2015 – Dealing with Entitlement

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March 2015 – “First Aid” for New Homeschoolers in SA

February 2015 – Entrepreneurship for Kids is Essential

January 2015 – What Voice to Listen To


December 2014 – Recalibrate Your Focus

October 2014 – More Freedom Than School-at-Home

September 2014 – Letting Go of Old Paradigms

August 2014 – Free Software Courses

July 2014 – Destination Unknown?

June 2014 – The Importance of Support

May 2014 – 10 Tips for Worried Homeschool Moms

April 2014 – When Life Becomes Too Busy

March 2014 – First Homeschool Storm

February 2014 – Bad Homeschooling Weather


November 2013 – Learning the Technology of the Future

October 2013 – Avoid the Comparison Trap

September 2013 – Eclectic Homeschooling

August 2013 – Your Bucket of Learning

July 2013 – Scenic Homeschooling