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Tips for Starting HomeschoolingFOOTPRINTS CUSTOMER SUPPORT

Homeschool help is at hand in various forms of support that Footprints give their clients and other general information about record keeping, scheduling and running your home.

We are dedicated to helping home educating parents to implement the various Footprints programmes so that you can achieve the fullest benefit from your purchase.


We offer online support via our Footprints egroup and a closed group on Facebook. You will be invited to subscribe to these once you have purchased a Footprints programme.


Whenever possible, we offer workshops around the country, where we can meet with Footprints families and guide them through the following:

  • Why South African history?
  • Encouragement for moms with preschoolers
  • Charlotte Mason and language arts
  • Implementing Footprints
  • Working with the timeline and maps
  • Growing your family vision
  • Little Footprints – why and how?
  • Footprints into the 21st Century
  • Narration and journaling (for teens)
  • Nature Journaling
  • New resources from Footprints
  • Question time and discussion


“Thank you both so much for this morning. It was so good to listen to both of you and to hear your hearts. It has been an encouragement to me and instead of coming away feeling I am not doing enough, I came away feeling excited about my home school journey. Can’t wait to use the programmes that follow on. Thank you both for all that you do for us moms out there. It is greatly appreciated.”

“Thank you sooo much for all the time, love and care that you put into Saturday’s workshop. It was such a blessing to me, I drove home praising God for His faithfulness and the way He meets our every need.”

“Many thanks for the encouragement morning on Saturday.  I was a bit reluctant to come thinking that it was really for new homeschoolers.  However, as is always the case with these sorts of events, I did learn and I had a great time.”

“And a HUGE thank you for Saturday – I came home feeling as though I was part of a larger group of families with similar interests – and for a long time the home schooling journey has been a bit lonely out here!”

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We publish a free homeschooling ezine  to equip and encourage homeschooling families as you teach and train your children.

It includes articles, advice, useful websites, free printables and more.

Sign up for Reaching Higher.

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Dynamis Learning - homeschool help and consultationsDYNAMIS LEARNING

Dynamis serves by empowering families to educate their children effectively even though there is a crisis in education in the nation. Dynamis brings hope to desperate families by involving them as the main educators of their children.

Martie Du Plessis heads up Dynamis. She is a qualified remedial therapist, an educational consultant and home education specialist.

Over the past 25 years Martie has trained many parents and teachers to aid children with special needs with the last 12 years specializing in help to Home Educating parents.Martie has also sold properties in the Eastern Free State after her daughter matriculated as a home educator. Martie pioneered various community projects in the local community of Clarens.

Martie has a passion to empower people. She loves cycling, reading, photography and (of course) her grandchildren.

Her work extends both nationwide and international. Martie presents motivational talks on the subject of empowering parents to take responsibility for their families and to truly equip them for life. She is a regular speaker at schools, churches and companies.

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There are a number of homeschooling support groups in the various provinces around the country as well as some online support communities who use eloops to connect. Click here to find
South African Homeschool Support Groups

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1. During the year, keep each child’s work filed in a binder. This would include written work, pictures, narrations (either self-written or dictated), maps, book reviews, souvenirs and brochures from outings and places of interest that you visited on field trips as well as any lesson planning schedules that you have used. Art work and creations that are too large for this binder can be photographed and the photo put in the file.

2. Have this portfolio ring-bound at the end of the year, with an attractive cover. Also remember to include things like certificates from extra-mural activities. Write a summary about the year’s achievements to include in your year book and keep it in a safe place.
Click here for an outline you can use to create an end-of-year Homeschool Assessment

.3. Older children can keep all their essays in a folder on computer, but remember to keep back-up copies in case of a technical disaster!

4. Journals and nature study notes should also be preserved as a record of the year’s learning experiences, as well as any projects and other assignments.

5. We have provided free printable notebooking pages that you can incorporate and use to record your South African lessons.

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Because we know how many balls homeschooling moms juggle, here is some additional homeschool help.

Free Menu Planner

prepared-to-cook-thumbnailPREPARED TO COOK & A JOY TO COOK

Practical homeschool help: Knowing what your are going to make for supper and that all the ingredients are in your kitchen can relieve a lot of mental stress and last minute scrambles to get meals ready.

Two free menu planners each comprising of 6 main meal recipes per week for 6 weeks each, plus the corresponding weekly shopping lists to make meal planning a breeze.Click here to subscribe to Prepared to Cook

When you do so, for 7 weeks, you will receive a weekly email providing you with a password to download and print the free menu planner of the week, including 6 recipes and a corresponding shopping list. Thereafter you will be able to subscribe to A Joy to Cook as well.

It has really simplified our lives, and saved us a lot of money!! Thanks very much for all the effort you put into it – it is hugely appreciated! –Shirley R.

I’m blessed to see how you tackled this area in your life with so much enthusiasm and effort. What an example!– Jacqui

I can think of many friends who I know would love to receive acopy.  Potential Christmas or birthday presents. You will have helped solve not only the mystery of “what to cook tonight”, but also what can I give as a present.
Thank you so much for planning this much needed publication. May God assist you with all the planning and preparation of this project. – Bev

Wow, thanks so much for your email, I often find my self in the same predicament – What to cook? It is an endless task and can be very tiresome at times. Although I love to cook I never seem to have the right ingredients and it is always 4:30 before I finally realize this. Then it is a mad rush to get to the shops and home again to get supper ready by 6. It is my own fault as I am not an organized person like yourself. When my husband read your email he phoned right away and asked if I would read it. He has been wanting me to become more organized for a very looooong time!! – Anonymous
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